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  • Forum Design from Concept to ComsumerConcept to Consumer

    Forum can offer a full artwork and product design service.
    Just call 01507 528710 for a quotation.

  • Waste Management

    We supply County Councils with paper sacks for Kerbside Collection Schemes. Call 01507 528710 for more information on how your Council can take part.

  • Pre Print

    Are you a corrugated manufacturer with limited printing capabilities? We can help add value to your product by supplying high quality flexographic print in up to 8 colours that is heat stable through your corrugating process. Call 01507 528710 for help and advice.

Welcome to Forum Packaging

We are the only UK based manufacturing company that can offer our customers the opportunity to purchase all their sack styles from one location.

Forum Packaging has won many awards for its high quality of printing. We produce flexographic print in up to 8 colours, plus the ability to apply either a water based or UV lacquer to the surface to further improve the look and feel of your packaging. We can also provide a lamination service for an ultra high gloss finish to your packaging, maximising its impact on shelf.

We source our sack paper direct from responsible suppliers, ensuring the papers meet strict standards of manufacture and source of raw materials. In addition to being able to provide virgin fibre produced paper for our sack manufacture, we are also able to utilise high quality non-consumer based recycled papers. These papers are certified for direct contact with food, having passed the same strict standards as virgin fibre papers.

Our technical team will work with you to suggest the best performing papers for your packaging, and this includes our ability to work with highly technical papers such as grease proof and co-extruded polymer barrier papers for more specialist performance.

Our philosophy is to ensure our customers receive the very best quality in terms of papers, print and manufacture. Nothing less will do. Forum believe in working closely with our customers to develop strong understandings of their business needs, and from this be able to deliver the cost effective solutions businesses need from their packaging.

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