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Since Forum Packaging was born back in 2011, there has been a huge focus on our positive interaction with the environment.  As a responsible company, we recognise that the protection of the environment forms an integral part of our business objectives.  Since we began, we have regularly assessed our impact on the environment and sought ways to improve how we both monitor and implement improvement strategies.

  • Wildflower Planting

    With the help and support of Organeco Limited, at the end of 2019, Forum Packaging embarked on an exciting new...

  • ISO14001

    All the major environment projects we have discussed fall under the umbrella of our ISO14001 environment stand...

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  • Solar Farm

    Being in industrial manufacturing means that there is a high requirement for energy to run large machines in b...

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  • Lighting

    In 2013, our next challenge was to reduce the amount of energy we needed to use for lighting in our print hall...

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  • New Roof

    Our first improvement was to install a brand new roof on our conversion hall back in 2011. This reduced the re...

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